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About us

About us

Cifarma is a Brazilian national pharmaceutical company that was founded in the globalization context characterized by the new millennium.

Besides the first manufacturing facility built up in Minas Gerais, where solid dosage forms, efervescents and penicilanics are manufactured, a new Industrial area of 100.000 m2 is being installed in Goiânia- Goiás. The extension project will significantly increase its production capacity.

Taking advantage of the last technology resources and producing under the strict control of  a GMP system, the industrial facility of Goiania is already producing liquids, semi-solids and sterile liquids besides hormones in solid and injectable dosage forms, in a totally dedicated area.

Along with the extension project, Cifarma continues to implement several investments, creating a R&D Center, an Analytical Center and improving its professional team.

The concepts of technology and humanization are emphasized in the administration strategies of the company and can be noticed in the architectural design that congregates practicity, comfort, operationality and well being of its members.

In order to face the huge competitivity that characterizes the actual Pharmaceutical Brazilian Market, Cifarma structured a qualified team of executives, pharmacists, technicians and representatives engaged with its objectives and values. Cifarma`s distribution network is present throughout the country.